Quality First Edition Books for Children and Young Adults

Welcome to The Charmed Bookshop! 

I specialize in quality books for young readers, fans of great literature, and collectors. I strive to find first edition books in very good to fine condition. Most of the children's books will have original dust jackets. 

Books sold on Etsy must be published more than twenty years ago to qualify as vintage, in keeping with Etsy's requirement that all items must be handmade or vintage. Visit TheCharmedBookshop.com, an Etsy-powered public Website, for the complete selection of newer and pre-2001 books. 

I believe in the freedom of children to read; to explore their imagination and to think and dream. There isn’t a child who doesn’t appreciate being over-estimated. Many stories now considered classic children's literature were not written for children, they were simply free to read them. In that spirit, I often select books that while not written for or marketed to children might still appeal to young readers. I'm especially fond of children's books that legendary book editor Ursula Nordstrom might have called “good books for bad children”. During her time at Harper, from the 1930s to 1980, Nordstrom looked for imaginative, talented authors and artists whose work connected with children and reflected their times. As the New York Times wrote, “Bad children were those normal youngsters who, like Max in Maurice Sendak's ''Where the Wild Things Are,'' were occasionally put to bed without their supper.”

And I love mysteries! Thanks to Harriet the Spy and Nancy Drew. I welcome recommendations of mysteries, including series, for children and young adults. Feel free to drop me a note with your favorites. 

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